About Us

The Georgina Joshi Foundation provides educational and career development opportunities for musicians by awarding scholarships for students interested in careers in vocal performance. In addition, the Foundation works to encourage and support the public performance of music by providing awards to student composers as well as underwriting performances of Handel operas and oratorios. The Foundation does not provide direct support to students or individuals. If you are interested in applying for one of our scholarships, you must work through an educational institution.

The Foundation established three scholarships for applicants whose life and outlook embodies the characteristics for which Georgina Joshi is known and admired. Award recipients must display intellectual curiosity about music and the humanities in general, superior musical and vocal talent, and most importantly, a warm and generous personality.

Composition Award and Commissioned Work 
Georgina loves new music and has a great interest in working with individuals who are new to composing. The Georgina Joshi Composition Award was created to provide encouragement and support to an IU Jacobs School of Music student composer.

Five Friends Master Class Series
In 2013, the Foundation established the Five Friends Master Class Series to bring some of the world’s most prominent performers and teachers to IU Jacobs School of Music for master classes, lectures, and residencies. This Series honors the five gifted young musicians studying in the Jacobs School whose lives were taken in a plane crash in 2006: Chris Carducci, Garth Eppley, Georgina Joshi, Zackary Novak, and Robert Samels.

Georgina Joshi Handelian Performance Fund
George Frideric Handel, a German-English Baroque composer, was famous for his operas, oratorios and concerti grossi. Because of the variety of musical styles, vocal ranges and musical instruments used in Handel’s works, it is important for students preparing for a career in opera performance to be well versed and comfortable singing his work. The Georgina Joshi Handelian Performance Fund at the Jacob School of Music, was established to encourage and support the student performance of Handel’s operas and oratorios.

Performing Arts Organizations
Georgina’s involvement and participation in various performing arts organizations helped to cultivate her musical talent. The Foundation is happy to help advance the mission of the following performing arts organizations. If you are interested in learning more, please complete the Contact Us form.