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"People describe her as kind and gentle and a wonderful person overall. She was the kind of girl every parent would be proud of.” ~Judith Overmeyer, John Adams High School’s Mock Trial Coach


"Georgina just had a grace that was always around her. I had her in class for a year and she just left a lasting impression on people. You knew you had met someone unique in your life." ~Paulette Cwidak, John Adams High School Advanced Placement English teacher


"Besides her musical talent, she displayed old-fashioned values, such as respect and sensibility toward other people. She could listen on a very deep level." ~Paulette Cwidak, John Adams High School Advanced Placement English teacher


“Georgina was a great artist…an intelligent and beautiful singer.  She performed on our campus in a wonderful solo recital, and as a member of the South Bend Chamber Singers….the only high school student ever to be a part of the ensemble.  She was definitely not your average high school musician!  And even after she went off to study at the Royal College of Music in London, and at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, she still returned to Saint Mary’s to perform with the Chamber Singers in Bach’s B Minor Mass, flying up from Bloomington for the rehearsals and concert.” ~Nancy Menk, Music Director, South Bend Chamber Singers